четверг, 31 марта 2011 г.


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Joe Moks - Closer than skin
Steve Rhodes Voices - Sunny
Funkees - Slippin into darkness
Money Man - Disco fever
Semi Colon - Onyebulu agbe
Etabom Rex Williams - Ediye nne
Soki Ohale´s Uzzi - Chicken Fled
Segun Bucknor - Only in my sleep
Super 5 - JiGI JIGI
C. King - Caroson
Fred Fisher - Let love free
Francis the Great - Look up in the sky

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Doves – Ata ikot iwa
Thunderballs - Onye Oloma
THE Benders – Agba lo be
Twins Seven Seven - Aya mi f era bata
Etubom Rex Williams – Satan ke mbiet owo
Tunji Oyelana – Which way?
Funkees - Ogbu Achara
Pyramid’s 7 – shokolokobangoshay
Fela Kuti – Jeunkoku (concert version)
Odili – Yadina yin nma
Opambuo - Seme yewo bone a
Okrika amazuo’s band - Egbebiriyai

Hi all.
These two mixes is the sum up of my recent trip to West Africa. Most of the LP's used in the mixes were found in countries such as Nigeria and Ghanna.  I got help from my African friends and acquaintances during my digging quest. Each one of them is a different story of that quest.
For example Kamol.
 He's one of my friends and at the same time is my "agent" in Nigeria. He helps me find people who have closets, attics and garages, loaded with old vinyl. I must say that it is not very easy, as "IGNORANS" in Africa occur at every step.
 As  Fela sang: "Ignorance - that is the reason".
 I had spent quiet some time in Kamol's DJ booth checking his stuff out.
Here it is! 

The DJ booth at the club W (Nigeria). That club has a very original concept. It is divided into two parts - a bar where people sit at tables and sip cold beer while listening to live music and  the other part with a bar and tables and a dance floor where people also drink beer, but they do not listen to live music, they look at the huge LCD monitor in the middle of the dance floor watching hardcore PORN!
That's how in Nigeria they attract customers!  What a  way to attract customers!  

On work

This music fits right into place as I listen to it  while  sitting on the balcony of the guesthouse, watching slowly moving figures of Africans in the twilight of the passing day. I am confident you will appreciate it the way I do.